Lynlee’s Page… (My Baby Sister)

Hey Guys This Page Is Going To Be All About Lynlee I’ll Have Pictures , Videos , And Posts Of Funny Things She Does.


8/19/08 Tuesday

Today I Woke Up And Got To Change Her Diaper, Feed Her , And She Hung Out With Me While I Did My School. Here’s A Great Picture Of Her I Took Today With My Web Cam.


8/20/08 Wednesday

 I Woke Up And Fed Lynlee.

Lynlee Got Her Feet Under Her Body And Started To Inch Herself Forward. LOL

8/21/08 Thursday

Got Up Early With Lynlee And Went To Our Aunt’s House To Hang Out At There Backyard Pool And Play With Her kids (Jack-2) (Jacob-9Months) We Had A Lot Of Fun!

8/23/08 Saturday

Our Cousins Came Over Today To Visit Lynlee for The First time.

8/24/08 Sunday

Sorry Not Much Today Guys But I Did Get To Change Her Twice Today.

P.S. I’ll Be Out Of Town From Monday Thru Friday.

8/30/08 Sunday

Hey Guys Today Lynlee Came To Church For The First Time At *Calvary Chapel Alpharetta*


SRY About Not Adding Anything In A While…

But Today Lynlee Woke Up From A Nap I Picked Her Up And She Gave Me The Cutest Smile Ever!




Bird Face

Bird Face


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  1. Hay noah I love that bird face picture of our cute little baby sister

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